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Thanks to Jock Stein of The Handsel Press in Scotland who has kindly made available to our conference the latest writing of New Testament scholar Robert Gagnon.  Professor Gagnon’s two chapters are from Embracing Truth: Homosexuality and the Word of God (Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 2012, available on Kindle).   Chapters are:  “Accommodation and Pastoral Concern: What Does the Bible Text Say?”  and  “How Seriously Does Scripture Treat the Issue of Homosexual Practice?”

Robert Gagnon Chapters from Hansel Press  (click to open)


9 AM - Study & Discussion
10 AM - Praise & the Word

5:45 PM - Fel­low­ship Meal
6:15 PM - Dis­cus­sion & Prayer
Forest Home Church
1751 Old Natchez Trace
Franklin, TN 37069
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